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This Saturday, 6/8, celebrate World Oceans Day with the world and make a difference!  Take the opportunity to learn more about our ocean and how small steps can make a huge impact.  Whether you live in a coastal community or inland community, we all need to protect the future of our ocean and planet.  

To find out an event in your area, be sure to visit Plus be sure to download their free resources.

The ocean connects each and every living creature on this planet. Take time on Saturday for reflection and also challenge yourself and others to find solutions for a healthy ocean.

And, If you live in California, join a statewide effort to discover, record, and share observations of plants, seaweeds, and animals found along the California coast. Now until June 16th, you can participate in the California Academy of Sciences' annual Snapshot Cal Coast event. Use the iNaturalist app to record your observations. Check to find the perfect coastal spot to make your observations.


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