No Straw November

Plastic straws are one of the main ocean plastic polluters, help us change that! "No Straw November" was created to bring awareness to the many plastic straws being used once and then thrown away in a single month. Jr Ocean Guardians challenges you to refuse plastic straws the whole month of November and to keep a tally of how many straws you eliminated from potentially ending up in the ocean. The ultimate goal of No Straw November is to use the single-use plastic straw as a wake up call to all the other plastic you unknowingly use in your life.

Please share this challenge with others and use the hashtag #NoStrawNovember.

We understand that plastic straws are medically vital to some. At Jr Ocean Guardians we do not condone shaming of those who medically rely on straws. 

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How old is the No Straw November challenge?


2020 Patch!

This year's November is a critical turning point for the future of our planet. In the United States, we are responsible for electing our President on November 3, 2020.  For our fourth No Straw November awareness campaign, Jr Ocean Guardians has chosen to highlight the importance of voting. We are not here to tell you who to vote for- that's up to you. We are here to ENCOURAGE you and or your family members to vote with the ocean and future of our planet in mind. We are beyond excited to announce this year's No Straw November beneficiary is Bow Seat! Bow Seat provides an innovative space for teens to connect, create, and communicate for our ocean. Working at the intersection of ocean science and arts education, their award-winning programming emphasizes creative thinking and making in exploring the natural world. We are beyond elated to support Bow Seat's Voteless Not Voiceless -"Our collective future depends on electing leaders up and down the ballot who are committed to taking bold action on climate change that is informed by science and centered on justice. Extreme weather events, melting polar regions, sea level rise, drowning coasts, biodiversity loss… Our blue planet is in crisis, and 2020 is a critical election year for the U.S. to turn the tide on the climate emergency."








Thank you for participating in the No Straw November Challenge and making a big difference for our planet.  To-date, Jr Ocean Guardians through the No Straw November patch donations, has donated over $4,000 to various organizations providing assistance to Hurricane Harvey community efforts, elephant seal education that's accessible for all, and awareness about petrochemical companies and their environmental impacts.  


2020 No Straw November patches are no longer available

Last day to order patches was December 12th, 2020