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World Ocean Day 2022!

Happy World Ocean Day! This year the World Ocean Day group is focusing on collective action and achieving 30x30 goals in 2022!

What is 30x30? The goal of 30x30 is to protect 30% of the environment (land, water and ocean) by 2030. World Ocean Day has the below paragraph on their website to better educate the importance of 30x30.

Why should we prioritize the 30×30 goal?

Leading scientists worldwide have determined a healthy ocean is a critical part of the solution to the climate and biodiversity crises. By supporting 30×30, we can protect our planet’s life support systems – specifically the interconnected issues of ocean, climate, and biodiversity.  Currently, less than 17% of land and 8% of the ocean worldwide is protected. The good news is, due to the efforts of the growing global 30×30 movement, including those involved in the World Ocean Day network, more than 90 countries have already committed to protecting at least 30% of their land and ocean by 2030. With your help, and by working with youth and organizational leaders worldwide, together we will continue to grow the global movement to protect at least 30% of our blue planet by 2030 and safeguard our future.

Overall, World Ocean Day is an important and fun day to highlight the big blue we all love and care about. The Ocean provides so many fond memories, it is important we pass her down in healthy condition to the next generation. If you want to urge political leaders to take action you can add your name onto the World Ocean Day message that will be sent!

A letter to your Nation’s leader(s):

To create a healthy ocean with abundant wildlife and to stabilize the climate, it’s critical that 30% of our planet’s lands, waters, and ocean are protected by 2030 (30×30). As you make decisions leading up to the United Nations Biodiversity Summit (COP-15) in September, we encourage action!

  • We thank the leaders in over 90 countries who have already adopted the 30×30 goal, and urge you to follow through on those plans.

  • For leaders who have not yet committed, we urge you to join the movement and adopt the 30×30 goal as soon as possible.

Sincerely, (Add your name now!) ( World Ocean Day)


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