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What is #NoStrawNovember?

Girl Scout Hannah - Troop 5631

What really melts my heart is hearing stories from so many of you all over the world on how No Straw November has made an impact on your lives and communities. Sharing with you a note sent by Hannah and June's mom. This gives me great hope for our future. 💚🌎🌍🌏🌊

This goes beyond November for us--✨

We’ve been participating in this challenge for a few years now. I have two daughters in Girl Scouts. This video is of Hannah. She was a Girl Scout Daisy when she first became a Jr Ocean Guardian. Her older sister June found this organization when she was gathering inspiration for her Girl Scout Bronze award back in 2018-2019 to bring awareness to keeping our oceans clean and simple ways we can all take part in making that happen. June raised $250 selling her hand-painted art to purchase 200 cloth diapers for the Carrillo Beach aquarium. One of our local beaches in Southern California. They’re always in need of cloth diapers. (to clean tanks) This year June will be going for her silver, and she and her Girl Scout sisters are all participating in No Straw November to start building momentum for their plans for their Silver award they want to keep building off their bronze. They want to create a movement the way Shelby did. This goes beyond November for us--✨

Many thanks to all parents, family members, friends, governmental agencies, and EVERYONE who is making this world better for our future generations.

Have a sweet No Straw November!!! 🌊🐟❤️

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