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Vice President Kamala Harris Climate Change Podcast!

This past Tuesday I had the honor to attend a podcast recording of A Matter of Degrees where the special guest was Madam Vice President Kamala Harris. VP Harris spoke about climate change and the latest policy updates from the Biden Harris Administration. Truthfully, I was completely blown away at the level of transparency and interconnectedness of issues expressed by the Vice President. Her level of grace and intelligence were palpable as she eloquently expressed that several issues regarding the environment are dependent on several factors including race, gender, wealth and geography. Having gained the opportunity to see Madam Vice President through UC Berkeley, I was proud to see her relaying all of the information I have gained from Berkeley classes.

In regards to climate change, VP Harris was adamant that urgent actions are needed to help solve and midgate the climate crisis we are experiencing. Dr. Leah Stokes and Dr. Katharine Wilkinson are the hosts of A Matter of Degrees. They led the conversation with the Vice President and they both provided incredible insight about the climate urgency. Having a stage full of intelligent and passionate women was a sight to be seen and filled me with hope.

While I fully believe that politicians should never be glorified, I am very grateful to have a smart, well spoken and informed leader being our spokesperson regarding the climate change crisis. The climate crisis is a scary reality yet we can still be optimistic in the meanwhile to make meaningful change. Through grassroots movements and industrial change every level of involvement is needed to prevent the unknown climate future.

Here is a link of UC Berkeley’s Rausser College of Natural Resources coverage of the event! Featured is my selfie with my friends and Dean David Ackerly.


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