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This #ChangeMaker Just Inspired an Airline to Ditch Plastic Straws

Thank you again to for featuring my recent efforts with Alaska Airlines. Last week on 5/21 Alaska Airlines announced that they will be eliminating all non-recyclable single-use plastic straw stirrers and citrus picks on all flights and in airport lounges nationwide, and replacing with environmentally and marine-safe alternatives by July 2018. Alaska Airlines is the first airline in the world to make this announcement and is taking the lead in an effort to save our oceans and planet from plastic pollution, I hope more airlines will follow.

To read more about my role and how Alaska Airlines will be partnering with Lonely Whale, a Seattle-based nonprofit dedicated to creating a “strawless ocean" click here.

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Did you know that the storm drain on your street leads to the ocean?

Pledge to pick up litter when you spot it and help keep our seas clean.


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