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Thank you to everyone who participated in No Straw November 2019!

While No Straw November 2019 may be over, I hope your No Straw November has enlightening you on the issue of single-use plastic. Throughout November, our Instagram account jr.ocean.guardians had various takeovers that highlighted the multiple problems our planet is facing by featuring eco-warriors who are helping Mother Nature. The goal of No Straw November is to have the plastic straw act as an awareness tool for the overall issue of the single-use plastic catastrophe. By highlighting a piece of plastic that can easily be given up, if not medically needed, it hopefully creates a level of mental awareness to skip plastic cutlery, plastic cups, etc. Our wish is that you continue to treat every day as No Straw November and you continue to educate those around you about single-use plastic.

This year's No Straw November continued to grow awareness with every day concerned citizens around globe participating and also from US cities and government agencies such as Greensboro Goes Green ~ the City of Greensboro, NC, Greener JC ~ Jersey City, Plastic Free Delaware, Environment Maryland, and New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission, just to name a few. Media attention continues and No Straw November was highlighted at the 3rd Annual Raise the Green Bar with Good Housekeeping and Made Safe in New York City in October, as well as a being featured on Healthy Living Healthy Planet radio show.

My favorite apple juice Martinelli's is also a big supporter of

No Straw November!

Going back to my roots with a big shout out to all the hard work being done by Girl Scouts who are making strides to protect our precious planet from plastic pollution. It has been amazing to read the inspiring stories of the next generation taking action towards single-use plastic and making a change. Two Girl Scout Troops that are very near and dear to my heart were just awarded their Silver and Bronze Awards by educating their peers on the issue of single-use plastic via the Jr Ocean Guardians activity books. These trailblazers are spreading the message to the next generation of changemakers, they understand the importance of helping our planet now. Jr Ocean Guardians was fortunate to receive a grant from Vital Voices, HERlead and Greening Forward which paid for the printing cost of our activity books allowing us to provide the activity books at no cost to schools.

As a reminder, a portion of the 2019 No Straw November patch donations will go to building awareness to petrochemical plants in the USA and to help support the fight of environmental activist Diane Wilson. Patches will be available until 12/15. Don’t forget to turn in your tally sheets, we can't wait to see your results and pictures of you on your plastic reduction journey.

Thank you again for all of your continued support, I've included photos and links to media from this year's campaign. And, special alert! Mark your calendars for May 9th, I’ve got exciting news!!

Keep Making Waves,



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