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Sambrailo Packaging introduces alternative packaging with ReadyCycle

#MakeADifferenceMay and read about one packaging company in California making waves by creating an alternative to plastic packaging. I receive a lot of emails that include product information. From time to time, I will send out information on these products if they benefit our oceans and planet.

I was contacted by Sara at Sambrailo Packaging, which is a a 94 year-old family run business in Watsonville, CA and Sara told me about their new sustainable packaging solution called ReadyCycle. ReadyCycle is a great alternative to plastic packaging for growers and retailers to help reduce their use of plastic packaging and is made from corrugated cardboard without wax, labels, or plastic coatings. And, the best part is that this packaging goes right into your recycle bin after the product is consumed.

I'm looking forward to seeing this new sustainable packaging solution in my grocery store and to the day with fewer plastics and styrofoam packaging in our stores. Thank you Sambrailo Packaging for being an industry #changemaker and reducing our plastic pollution.


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