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Ocean Conservation with the Green Team at Coolidge School in Wyckoff, NJ

Jr Ocean Guardians received an update email from Brooke who has been instrumental in helping the Green Team at Coolidge School in Wyckoff, New Jersey learn how they can be environmental stewards. Brooke had reached out to Jr Ocean Guardians asking for a copy of the Jr Ocean Guardians activity book and shared her vision on how the Green Team would be learning about ocean awareness, recycling, plastic pollution, and even building a school garden. JOG provided our activity book, along with information from other organizations who are doing amazing work to raise awareness on plastic pollution.

The Green Team had a Theme Day Room at Coolidge School and it was all about ocean conservation, it's amazing! And, the best part is that they have saved everything that was used for future projects. Please scroll down and take a look at all of the photos.

Activities included:

Recycled Artwork

Recycling Plastic into usable objects

Use This Not That Biodegradable cutlery and food storage options

Video on how Sea Animals are affected by ocean pollution

Ocean Pollution Info Graphics

No Straw Challenge

Rescue injured sea stuffed animals from a pile of ocean garbage

Plastic garbage recycled into Sea art

Glow in the Dark Ocean viewing and sound experience

Many thanks, Brooke and the Green Team for not only creating an amazing ocean conservation room but inspiring the other students to make small changes. #Changemakers!

I look forward to working with you on No Straw November!


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