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#NoStrawNovember is almost here - download the official No Straw November poster!

#NoStrawNovember is almost here! I created No Straw November in hopes of getting school children motivated to make a change. I would have never imagined that Jr Ocean Guardians would have been responsible for eliminating around 27 million single-use plastic straws and coffee stirrers PER YEAR! I am beyond thankful to everyone who has supported me on this amazing and fulfilling journey. #NoStrawNovember is a challenge for people who don't medically need straws to skip the entire month.

Many thanks to the California Coastal Commission for unanimously supporting my No Straw November proclamation which made No Straw November a reality in 2017. Special thanks to Senate Majority Leader Bill Monning and the Monterey Bay Aquarium for co-sponsoring SCR-139 No Straw November recognizing November in California as No Straw November! And, many thanks to all of you for using your voice. #NoStrawNovember is much bigger than one person, and we all need to use our voices to help Mother Nature.

Download the official 2018 No Straw November poster by clicking here!

Last year part of the patch donation was given to the San Jacinto Girl Scouts Council in Houston, Texas to help with recovery from Hurricane Harvey. This year, a portion of the patch donations will be given to Friends of the Elephant Seal nonprofit. Friends of the Elephant Seal helps maintain a free wheelchair friendly boardwalk so everyone can experience wildlife in the true wild. This place is near and dear to my heart, and I am truly thankful to have the platform to give back to them. You can learn more details about year's patch by going to


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