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#NoStrawNovember 2020

We hope you all had an amazing and safe Halloween! Happy first day of #nostrawnovember!! As I’m sure you are aware the theme for this year is voting! We are days away from the election that not only determines our nation's elected officials but our local governments. Every aspect of government is important and will have an affect on your life and the environment's life! Let’s get out there (safely) and VOTE VOTE VOTE! We all can’t wait to see the journey you take to reduce your plastics usage! Be sure to tag us on your updates!

This year, No Straw November is all about Voting and we're so proud to be supporting the efforts of Bow Seat and their Voteless Not Voiceless campaign. If you need some inspiration, listen to Voteless Not Voiceless activists who make it easy to understand how critical this election is for the future of our environment.


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