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No Straw November Year 6

As we ease our way into Fall, our favorite time is almost upon us - No Straw November! While we are excited for this year we also understand the increasing amounts of climate-related disasters and losses like our beloved friends in Maui. Hawai’i is more than a travel destination… it’s a home full of rich culture and history spanning far past its forced statehood. For this year of No Straw November, we will be contributing money from our patches to help rebuild and support youth programs around the island. We strongly believe the youth is the future and want to support them. For our donation, we are in the final process of checking organizations that will go directly to help youth in Maui. While we narrow our search we are open to any suggestions you all may have - please message us!


This year’s patch takes inspiration from the moment we had in film this summer 🎀💗🌸👛. While you either loved or hated The Barbie Movie, you were still faced with the character of Allan. Uniquely himself, he lends his being to the viewer to interpret his actions amongst all subjects as what normalcy should or should not be. For us, our Allan mindset was the treatment of our unique Earth. The irony of a plastic doll empire being our inspiration is not lost on us - we love the contradiction. We hope you join us this November #NoStrawNovember.

Ordering will open September 1st and patches will ship beginning of October. Limited patch run unless demand heavily outweighs supply then we will reevaluate! Price will now be $5 per patch to accommodate for growing postal/supply prices and to include a donation to our cause. Please check our website day of September 1st to place your orders.


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