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No Straw November 2022 Mission

Hi everyone! As No Straw November is rapidly approaching, we eagerly await to see you take further action for our planet. This year's patch and challenge are a bit different from years pasts.

2022 No Straw November is focusing on climate change. We understand that climate change is a broad and controversial topic in today's society, and our goal is to help you better understand how simple actions can make big waves. This year's focus is to present scientific information on plastic production and its link to climate change. Climate change and plastic activism are seen as two separate issues, but are truthfully completely intertwined. We, Jr Ocean Guardians, are here to dismantle the confusion of how intertwined plastic pollution is with several other global crises, including climate change.

In signature style, we feature a sea otter on this year's patch. Sea otters are a keystone species that help us determine the health of environments. With climate change threatening the ocean through rising sea levels, acidification, and loss of biodiversity, we are at a pivotal moment to act. Sea otters, as well as humans, face the direct consequence of non-action towards climate change initiatives.

Action is needed now by you to help your family, friends, and community look for more environmentally friendly options for the health of our planet, not only during No Straw November but every day.

As we gear up for No Straw November, we will share multiple scientific links on plastic pollution and climate change to help you understand, learn and share the scientific facts.

We recommend looking at Nasa's climate resources to get a better understanding of the science behind climate change:

We will be posting more resources as the month approaches.


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