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No Straw November!

Happy No Straw November! We are at the halfway point of the month which has been jammed packed with historical events. As you know - our theme this year is voting. While voting has already occurred and we have a new President Elect, it's important to know that is not where voting stops. It is a continuing process to be civically engaged more than the occasional 4 years. While the journey doesn't stop here, it's extremely important to acknowledge the record turnout in voting this election cycle while in the midst of a global pandemic. This whole year has been tough in one way or another and we appreciate you all for supporting Jr Ocean Guardians this November by voting and reducing your single-use plastic usage!

We had the pleasure to be featured by our friend Sheryl Robinson who hosts the Hearts of Gold Podcast. To hear all about how Jr Ocean Guardians started and the Girl Scout Gold Award click on the YouTube video below.   

We appreciate all the support from the bottom of our hearts. We know the current time isn't ideal but together we are truly stronger.  Whether this is your fourth No Straw November or your first you are making the world a better place.


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