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Neverland Nursery School's "March Against Straws" Movement!

Jr Ocean Guardians was recently contacted by Katie Hughes who is the Outreach Coordinator at Neverland Nursery School in Springfield, Oregon. Katie requested the Jr Ocean Guardians activity book so that Neverland Nursery School could help empower their student eco-warriors and take action against single-use plastic pollution. And action they are taking! While Neverland Nursery did not learn about "No Straw November" until after November, Katie decided to start "March Against Straws" to build awareness and to take action against single-use plastic straws!

We are so proud of Katie and Neverland Nursery and look forward to partnering with them for our next "No Straw November" movement this coming November!

Please read the latest weekly newsletter created by Katie.

March Against Straws!

The Sipping Point..

Last week while casually scrolling through my news feed I came across and old article called "No Straw November", an article about the impact that plastic has on marine life. But what really pulled my heart strings was the affect it had on sea turtles.

*Marine plastic pollution has impacted at least 267 species worldwide, including 86% of all sea turtles.

Did you know plastic straws cannot be recycled ?

It was overwhelming seeing the amount of waste we in the USA generate. A big part of that waste is the single use “disposable” plastic straws . Being from "Green Eugene" and knowing that a big source of plastic pollution comes from the USA, I feel an obligation to work on a solution.

Because we missed "No Straw November", I created "March against Straws".

As of March 1st, I and other staff members agreed to refuse plastic straws. Lets help our marine life and planet by saying "No" to single use plastic. Which for teachers who live off of our daily drive-thru coffee, it's a big deal!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Neverland strives to Go Green and help the environment in any way we can. Every month We are going to find a new way to Help the Planet, Wildlife, Humanity and our Community. Whether it's saying No to straws, Composting, Planting and Growing our own vegetables, Volunteering or Fundraising for a local charity.

If you have any ideas or have a charity you are involved or passionate about please let me know!

Katie Hughes

Outreach Coordinator

Neverland Nursery School

Springfield, OR


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