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National Geographic Launches Multi-Year Initiative ~ Planet or Plastic

As the amount of single-use plastics ending up in the world’s oceans continues to grow, National Geographic launched today PLANET OR PLASTIC, a multi-year initiative aimed at raising awareness of the global plastic crisis and reducing the amount of single-use plastic that is polluting our world’s oceans.

This organization-wide effort will include a major research and scientific initiative; a consumer engagement campaign; internal corporate sustainability initiatives; and innovative partnerships with like-minded corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs ) and recognized institutions from all over the world.

The launch coincides with the release of the June issue of National Geographic magazine, which takes an in-depth look at the role single-use plastic plays in our society and the impact it has on our environment. Look for the June issue of NatGeo Planet or Plastic on May 29th.

Visit PLANET OR PLASTIC at and take the pledge to reduce your consumption of single-use plastic.


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