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Jr Ocean Guardians representing at the "Art of Sustainability" with the Monterey Bay Aq

I was so honored to be asked by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Teen Conservation Leaders program to be a panelist at the Art of Sustainability forum for their Teen Conservation Leaders. A lot of great questions were asked by the TCLers who want to make their own impact on the world. I enjoyed meeting all of you and answering your questions. Thank you Monterey Bay Aquarium for this amazing opportunity!


*Shelby O'Neil, Founder, Jr Ocean Guardians

*David Dennis, Co-Founder of Ventana Surfboards and Supplies. David has been a supporter of Jr Ocean Guardians from Day 1 and Ventana Surfboards creates the most beautiful sustainable surfboards I've ever seen!

*Chef Soerke Peters, Award-winning International Chef of Basil Seasonal Dining, the first certified green restaurant of Monterey County and an overall great guy!

*Andrew Fischer, General Manager of Service System Associates at the Monterey Bay Aquarium who is a wealth of information!


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