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Jr Ocean Guardians Eco-Warriors in Action!

Troop 6057 not only took the "No Straw November" pledge but this Troop of 1o eco-warriors even made posters and talked to people in October at their local area event called "Eco-Fest" to spread the word. The girls talked to people about the affects of plastic, especially straws, in the ocean and asked others to join them by taking the "No Straw November" pledge. Power of G.I.R.L.!

Girl Scout Daisy Troop 140159 used reusable straws during the month of November and have pledged to continue be single-use plastic straw-free long after #NoStraw November. This group of amazing eco-warriors celebrated the end of November by creating paint straw art with their reusable straws and had a great time making a difference for our planet. ​

Jr Ocean Guardians Eco-Warrior Sophia is spreading the #NoStrawNovember message from Hawaii to Texas and parts in between! After taking the pledge, Sophia and her mom tell us that they are more conscious of single-use plastics. Way to make waves!

Meet sisters and Girl Scouts Nina (R) and Kim (L). Both sisters love animals (Nina especially loves emojis) and worked hard to spread the #NoStrawNovember message to their friends and family and help protect animals, oceans and our planet. In addition to being an eco-warrior, Nina was also the FIRST to take the #NoStrawNovember pledge! PS Can you find Nina's hidden emoji?!!


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