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Join the 2021 ArcGIS StoryMaps Challenge for Restoring Our Ocean!

I’m Shelby O’Neil, ocean advocate and National Geographic Young Explorer. Back in June, on World Oceans Day, I reached out to announce that the National Geographic Society and Esri had teamed up to recruit young people for the 2021 ArcGIS StoryMaps Challenge for Restoring Our Ocean. I’m excited to share that the challenge is now open to youth around the world!

If you’re in high school, college, or between 18 and 24 years of age, I encourage you to join the global conversation about restoring and protecting our ocean by building and submitting an ocean-focused story. By creating a StoryMap like this one, we can learn about the ocean, build our storytelling skills, and create stories of impact.

I’ll be serving as one of the judges for the challenge, alongside the National Geographic Society's official geographer, Alex Tait, National Geographic Explorer Sandra Turner, and Esri’s chief scientist, Dawn Wright. The deadline to submit is October 22, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. PT. We can’t wait to see your submissions! Need a bit more inspiration to get you started? You can check out the ocean resources site or read stories from other #GenGeo ocean leaders who are having an impact in their communities—and beyond. You can also sign up for National Geographic’s #GenGeo Storytelling for Impact courses that we created in partnership with Adobe. These free, self-paced courses will help you learn how to use compelling photography, video, graphics, and audio to tell impactful stories that will inspire change. For more resources, check out Nat Geo's Ocean Guide; it contains free ocean-focused activities that can be accessed worldwide. Shelby


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