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THIS LETTER IS AMAZING! As you may recall, Jr Ocean Guardians has been talking to Farmer Brothers about finding sustainable options to the dreaded plastic stir sticks. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Farmer Brothers removed all plastic stir sticks from their headquarters recently and has made a major #NOSTRAWNOVEMBER announcement that within the next 12 months, Farmer Brothers will be eliminating all plastic stirrers from their inventory and will be replacing them with wooden stirrers. THIS IS A HUGE VICTORY FOR OUR OCEANS, WATERWAYS, AND PLANET!

Thank you to everyone at Farmer Brothers who realized a change was needed. I challenge every business that is still using the plastic stirrers to follow the lead of Farmer Brothers. There is absolutely no need in the world for the plastic stir sticks.

Farmer Brothers has received the seal of support from Jr Ocean Guardians, SUPPORT FARMER BROTHERS!


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