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Happy World Oceans Day!

Happy World Oceans Day!

As we start to see our world function closer to normal, it's important to understand our pre-Covid normal wasn't always the best for our ocean. We have a long catch-up game and fine line to navigate as we pursue normalcy and going out again. In a world so fixed on big actions, small actions are often overlooked. With the gift of leaving our houses again, it provides us a clear picture of how disposable waste is available to us again that comes from external sources.

As I learn and grow as an activist, it's important to understand individual actions do add up - that's why I always encourage you to skip single-use plastic when you medically can. Any action can make a difference.

Yet, it is important to understand the bigger picture to understand individual actions. Many plastic production plants have diverted the individuals viewpoint on who is to blame for the plastic pollution we see. Essentially, did the egg or chicken come first? Did consumers create the damage of plastic pollution or did the plastic production companies develop a certain material based society?

So while yes individual actions will always be important, it is also extremely important to call out the producers of plastic as they are maintaining our current dependence on the plastic substance.

I wish everyone a very happy, relaxing and joyful Oceans Day. Don’t forget that we are all connected by the water on this planet and to be supportive of one another. While I am passionate about plastic pollution, it should not diminish or take away from other movements in the environmental field as pitting them against each other is the opposite of the point. Read a book, dance, sing or educate yourself in honor of the ocean today and rekindle that relationship with the biggest powerhouse on the planet.

Can you find the sea turtle in the wave?


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