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Happy No Straw November!

Now that spooky season is over, we are elated to welcome back the coziness of No Straw November. When I started this challenge, I never imagined I would celebrate the end of October with snow! As I experience a real Fall season, I can't help but reflect on how many people across the globe have participated in No Straw November in all-weather types. I am beyond grateful for the community we have created that is focused on analyzing systems to make the world a better place. This year for the patch we took inspiration from The Barbie Movie and its lighthearted approach to bigger issues. The pink to us symbolizes strength and confidence in believing in your message. The straw colors this year represent the colors of Allan who embodies the supportive energy we should all aim to have. We can’t wait to see how you make the challenge your own this year.

Friendly reminders:

  • This challenge is not an excuse to be ableist to those who medically require straws

  • This challenge is to challenge you personally while also challenging you to see bigger issues with plastic and climate change.

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to people, organizations, businesses etc. to (kindly) urge them to do better for the environment.

  • Have fun 🦦🫶


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