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๐ŸŽƒHappy Halloween๐ŸŽƒ & Early No Straw November!


Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you have a fun/safe last day of October and get ready for the start of No Straw November tomorrow! We SUPER appreciate everyone who has supported No Straw November and advocated for change these past 5 years.

Here we have Mia being #CaptainAmerica of change and a #WonderWoman #GirlScout! Donโ€™t forget to tag us in your #NoStrawNovember posts and get ready to learn more about our precious Arctic environment.


#NoStrawNovember #GenGeo @GirlScoutsCCC @GirlScouts @ChrisEvans @CaptainAmerica @GalGadot #WonderWoman


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