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Happy End of No Straw November 2021

Happy end of No Straw November! We appreciate all of you who supported us for your first time this year and possibly your fifth time! We have made significant changes throughout the years, such as passing legislation, revamping the airline, healthcare, and hospitality industries straw policy, and making straws such a known common pollutant that sitcom writers use straws as a punchline. Truly none of this would have been possible without every single one of you.

This year's theme was Arctic Awareness because without the Arctic, we are nothing. With our rapidly changing climate, the Arctic is in grave danger if we do not push for legislative change to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including taxing and putting carbon limits on some of America's captains of industries. While the world is still dealing with COVID-19 and a million other problems, it's important not to shy away from environmentalism and environmental justice now! It's up to us to ensure we maintain healthy ecosystems for the survival of all of earth's inhabitants.

Thank you for being an advocate for our Oceans and planet not only during No Straw November but every day. Please continue to be safe.


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