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Happy End of No Straw November 2020!

We did it! Happy end of this year’s No Straw November! This year as a whole has presented unexpected events left and right. We are beyond proud of those who have stayed home and are continuing to social distance to help stop the spread of COVID 19. We are especially proud of all the Americans who voted and actively participated in democracy, over a 156 million voters to be exact. As this year's theme was voting, it’s important to understand the role as a voter does not occur once every four years --- it is a constant process to have your voice heard and shape your local community and beyond. To all the eligible voters in Georgia - please continue to vote in the runoff elections!

This year's patch for No Straw November helped raise funds for Bow Seat - an amazing organization that helps empower youth artists and activists. We are beyond excited to see how the funds generated from the patch program help inspire the future generations. The last day to order your patch for this year's No Straw November is December 12 by midnight pst.

Throughout the No Straw November challenge we are so honored and proud to have the supportive global community we have grown over the last four years. It takes a lot of personal awareness to understand your impacts on the planet and for that we applaud you. We know all the world's issues won't be solved with skipping a single-use plastic straw but we hope it enlightens you to how interconnected many issues are. Plastic production is directly tied into climate change and corporate responsibility. It's important to hold those in power accountable and we have been proud to be part of that initial realization for many. And, very important, No Straw November was never created with the intention to shame others who medically rely on straws.

We hope you all continue to stay safe and social distance to protect those you love and those you unknowingly will save. Thank you so much for participating in No Straw November during this challenging year and for voting! It means the world to us and we all hope you have a safe and healthy holiday season.

Keep an eye out for my National Geographic Young Explorer project in 2021. #NoStrawNovember #GenGeo


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