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Happy Earth Day 2022


What’s new with Jr Ocean Guardians? Well, we're celebrating our 6th Year Earth Day and our 6th Year of being Jr Ocean Guardians!

Jr Ocean Guardians and Shelby O’Neil are featured in the newly released book Girls Who Green the World: Thirty-Four Rebel Women Out to Save Our Planet.

Thank you to Diana Kapp for documenting and sharing 34 women and their journey to help save our planet. I'm extremely humbled and honored to be featured in Diana's book and to be included with 33 amazing woman eco-warriors who are using their unique voices to uplift Mother Nature.

Recounting my journey brought back a lot of proud moments and also a reminder that still much more work needs to happen with environmental justice, climate change, air quality, single-use plastics, the right to live free, and the list goes on. Reading the other featured women and their journeys inspires me that we can all make a positive change for our planet if we all make small changes or big changes! Be sure you visit Diana's website to order Girls Who Green the World and click on the Toolkit to download her companion guide on How to Create a Meaningful, Engaging and Impactful Environmental Program for Teens.

To get you in the Earth Day spirit, here's Nat Geo's Relaxing Earth Moods Livestream to enjoy!

Jr Ocean Guardians is beyond honored to be part of so many teachers' learning plans for Earth Day! If you are looking to incorporate learning about the ocean and plastic pollution, you can use this link to request a free Jr Ocean Guardians activity book! We have them available in English and Spanish. And be sure to visit National Geographic's Education site for additional teaching resources

How can you get involved today and every day? has extraordinary first steps that are achievable any day of the year! Just as No Straw November aims to make a month of self-reflection, Earth Day helps remind us of our progress so far, and the work still needed. Take some time today to enjoy and show gratitude to Mother Nature. this year is aiming to have people #InvestInOurPlanet. Below is an outline of goals provided on their website:

Invest In Our Planet initiatives


As Individual citizens, – as voters, as watchdogs, and as consumers – we have the simple yet effective power to make our voices heard. What each of us does, and how we do it, has a huge ripple effect on our ecosystems, and on the pace of corporate and government action. We are responsible for holding businesses, governments, and others accountable and to support their efforts when they get it right. How can we do that?


National and local government officials can open new doors by incentivizing their citizens, businesses, and institutions to create and innovate. They can create a fair global economic system to implement these innovations and changes without giving up their role to advance and protect the public’s interests in this transition.

Business and Investors:

Like other economic revolutions, inventors, innovators, businesses, and investors are the most likely to drive significant change. It is time for these change agents to step it up. It is also up to us to require that they create value both for themselves and for society as they drive green innovation.

Helpful Earth Day Links!


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