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🌎 Happy Earth Day! 🌎

Happy Earth Day from Jr Ocean Guardians! We hope you have the ability to get outside for a moment today to enjoy our gorgeous Earth. Truthfully having Earth Day on Monday is less than ideal but it has the power to start the week off with action and optimism.  With growing unrest in world it’s easy and understandable to loose hope for the future. We want to encourage self care and a moment that’s disconnected from online to allow yourself a second to breathe.  While the fight for justice isn’t over, to be the best ally you have to take care of your health first. In terms of environmental news, it’s easy to spiral with climate change anxiety. We here at Jr Ocean Guardians are here to support you and suggest checking out University of Colorado Boulders resources on tips for coping with climate anxiety. We got this! Happy Earth Day 🌱 💗


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