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Green Biz Updates on Dignity Health's Single-Use Plastic Straw Reduction & Jr Ocean Guardians Role

As you may remember, Jr Ocean Guardians kicked off "No Straw November" with an update from Dignity Health's President/CEO Lloyd Dean on Dignity Health's waste reduction and recycling programs (see 11/1 blog post).

On 12/26, Green Biz published an article on just how many single-use plastic straws that Dignity Health will be eliminating from our planet in the next year - TWO MILLION SINGLE-USE PLASTIC STRAWS!

For those of you who don't recall, I wrote to Mr. Dean after watching the Dignity Health commercial featuring a toddler blowing out their birthday candle with a straw. While it might be a cute commercial for many, it made me concerned as it highlighted a major environmental polluter - the single-use plastic straw. Mr. Dean took the time to listen to my concerns and Dignity Health looked for alternatives to their single-use plastic straws in their cafeterias.

Please take a moment to read Heather Clancy's Green Biz article ​How a Girl Scout inspired a health care giant to ditch plastic straws. I'm hoping that other companies will follow Dignity Health's lead by taking one small step that makes a huge impact for our oceans, waterways and planet. Hello Planetkindness!


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