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Go to a beach, river, lake or around your town or city and pick up discarded single-use plastic!

So you have taken the No Straw November pledge, you are posting #NoStrawNovember to let everyone you are supporting #NoStrawNovember and you still want to do more? How about spending some time at the beach, river, lake, or around your town or city and pick up some discarded single-use plastic and either recycle or dispose of it properly.

This is not just a coastal issue, 80% of our the trash in the ocean comes from land. Trash can move great distances across land and through watersheds, traveling by wind and water (rivers, storm drains, etc.) ending up in the oceans and causing problems for wildlife and humans along the way. (

I'll be at a beach clean-up tomorrow, 11/5. I challenge you to get out for a little while and help our oceans and planet! Remember to tag your photos Jr.Ocean.Guardians and #NoStrawNovember

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