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Global Climate Action Summit - #StepUp2018

Last week I had the great honor to talk to middle schoolers at the Ocean Heroes Panel hosted by Salesforce, Benioff Ocean Initiative, Global Climate Action Summit, and California Academy of Sciences. I spoke about Jr Ocean Guardians, No Straw November movement, and how their interests can spark a passion to make a positive impact in their community. I also had the privilege to attend the Global Climate Action Summit as a delegate, this is an experience I will never forget. So many leaders gathered in one place for the common good of saving our planet, it was inspiring. What is even more historic is that this is the first time in the history of climate change meetings that the Ocean was front and center. The stories shared from landlocked nations to ocean dependent nations all had the same message, climate change is here now and we have to take action #StepUp2018. I was so taken by the videos shown at GCAS that I'm sharing them with you to help inspire you to spread the message "the ocean will help us safeguard all life on earth."

"Our planet is unique because it is our home."


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