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Don't miss the next Town Hall meeting on Thursday, April 9th at 3:00 pm PST brought to you by Ocean Elders, Plastic Pollution Coalition, and Mission Blue where Dianna Cohen and I will be discussing the state of plastic pollution and what we can do to make a difference for our planet.


Use the link below to sign-up and get your questions ready!


Dianna Cohen, co-founder, and CEO of the global non-profit, Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC)

Shelby O'Neil, Jr Ocean Guardians


We'll be discussing:


--The state of plastic pollution today, the reality in our oceans, its impact on climate change, and the timely need to change the trajectory while we still can.


--What each of us as individuals, as citizens, as business owners and leaders can do to make a difference.


Sign up: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_rp1tZ_X_SFqj6mCCHSDdEA




Celebrating 50 Years!



Join the movement, you have the power to change the world!  Click here to sign up for the official Earth Day movement updates, as well as volunteer opportunities.  







Plastic straws are one of the main ocean plastic polluters, help us change that! The goal of "No Straw November is to bring awareness to the many plastic straws that are being used once and then thrown away in a single month. Jr Ocean Guardians challenges you to refuse plastic straws the whole month of November and to keep a tally of how many straws you eliminated from potentially ending up in the ocean.  Please share this challenge with others and use the hashtag #NoStrawNovember.


Click here to learn more on how you can make a difference!


We understand that plastic straws are medically vital to some. At Jr Ocean Guardians we do not condone shaming of those who rely on straws.