• Shelby O'Neil

Jr Ocean Guardians thanks PG&E for eliminating single-use plastic stir sticks & straws

Thank you to Pacific Gas & Electric Company for listening and taking action! Jr Ocean Guardians recently reached out to PG&E to ask them to take their sustainable practices one step further and elimininate all single-use plastic stir sticks and straws throughout their facilities, training centers and conference facilities.

I heard back from PG&E with awesome news! PG&E has worked with their food service vendors and vending services and they have discontinued the purchase of plastic stir sticks and straws across their facilities. This includes all offices, their training centers and conference facilities. In addition, they are working across the organization to remove the remaining supplies that exist in local offices and in work places where the coffee service is ordered through a separate department.

Thank you PG&E for stepping up and becoming a true environmental leader. I hope other corporations will follow your lead.

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