• Shelby O'Neil

Celebrating #EarthDay2018 Month with #lillysglobalcleanupday 4/18/18 and what you can do to help

Happy 10th Birthday to Super Environmental Hero Lilly!

On Wednesday, April 18th, Lilly is celebrating her 10th birthday and she would like everyone to celebrate with her by picking up at least 1 piece of trash, it's a simple gift to give Lilly!

Learning more about Lilly:

Lilly has been picking up plastic for about 3 years now. Lilly's journey to save our environment started when her family moved to Holland. One day, Lilly was walking with her grandfather and practicing her Dutch when she ended up counting 91 pieces of litter. Lilly thought should she be sad or mad about it and then decided to pick up the trash. Her grandfather explained "plastic soup" and how anything thrown on the ground will somehow make its way to the ocean and waterways and hurt marinelife and animals.

Due to the sheer volume of the trash she was picking up, Lilly started to photograph all of the trash. Lilly's story has been shared by local media, national newspapers and television.

To learn more about Lilly, please visit her Facebook page ~ Lillys Plastic Pickup.

Thank you Lilly for being such an amazing #changemaker!

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